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Theatre of HADES

A Novel

Dr. Jonathon Creed, an obscure academic, comes across two ancient documents. They tell stories that, if verified, would uproot our most basic understanding of ancient history. The mysteries disappear from his office but not from his life, where he tracks a mysterious Theatre of HADES, which plays films from the dead for the living.

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Git For Non-programs

A Primer

Now an industry standard tool for tracking and collaborating in the world of programming, Git rocks. Though designed for code, it's text based tools can help manage anything both human-readable and human-writable.

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Sex and Schizophrenia

A New Approach

Two things difficult to discuss but probably shouldn't be. Whereas most sites about mental illness seek out the reader's empathy, Sex and Schizophrenia approaches the topic from dark humor, morbid curiosity, pruient interest, and fascination--seeking both the sexy and the mind boggling all in one place.

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Unfathomed Eros

Towards the Unknown

Life's most erotic moments are unexpected. Yet much erotica suffers from cliched predictability. Explore the unexpected in this project's tales.

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